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Instantly Transform Your Kitchen 

Are your cabinets old and outdated? Are they worn, stained, and in need of a facelift? Maybe they are poorly designed and disorganized, making it difficult to find what you need?

We understand that many homeowners struggle with the look of their existing cabinets. Your cupboards can make your space feel dated and uninviting, lowering the overall value of your home.

We also understand that poorly designed cupboards can make cooking and meal preparation a hassle, wasting precious time and energy. And, it can be hard to keep your it organized and functional with inadequate storage solutions. Making it a constant source of dissatisfaction and difficult to enjoy.

We offer the perfect solution to these problems. With years of experience we know how to instantly update the look and design of your kitchen. Our team of expert craftsmen will work with you to choose the perfect finish and color to match your  decor and personal style.

Your new  cupboards will have you enjoying your most used room in your home while also making you proud to host and entertain your family friends.

And we can achieve all of this at competitive prices that will fit your budget.

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Benefits Of  New Cabinets

1) Increased Storage Space And Organization

Make your kitchen look modern, stylish and provide extra storage space. Add the additional storage and organization. Maximize the space available by choosing the best design while making it easier for you to locate what you need.

2) Superior Quality And Durability

They can be built to withstand daily use and are more durable than cheaper ones. Investments in top-quality materials will ensure your they last many years.

3) Raise Home Values By Investing

You can give your house a trendy, contemporary look that will be appreciated by potential buyers. Increase your property’s value by investing in superior quality materials and this means durability that lasts for years to come; making these the perfect upgrade!

Everyday You Wait Is One Less Day You Won’t Be Able To Enjoy Your New Cabinets

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What To Expect When Your Hire Us!

We work closely with our clients to ensure that their new kitchen cupboards are exactly what they want. Our process includes:


Initial Consultation

During our initial meeting, we’ll take the time to get to know your needs, preferences and budget and take measurements of your space.



Design & Quotation

With in-depth measurements of the space along with information about desired style, materials and features, we can begin crafting a quote tailored just for you!

Once the design and quote is approved we will share and approve a timeline that works for both of us and we will begin the manufacturing process



Manufacturing & Installation

From there on out–we help make sure that every step is handled carefully so each cabinet is manufactured and perfectly leveled with hardware fully functioning when installed.

We even do a final inspection with  you afterwards. We will make any necessary touch-ups or adjustments ensuring full satisfaction once your project reaches completion!

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Our Primary Services

Kitchen Cabinets

Are you looking to upgrade but don’t know where to start? New cabinets are a great place to start! Not only will they instantly give you a modern and refreshed look, but they can also provide practical storage solutions  that can help you stay organized

Custom Cabinetry

Upgrader your home with our custom cabinetry solutions – crafted to meet all of your individualized needs! Our experienced team is dedicated to providing luxury and sophistication, offering traditional styles or creating bespoke designs tailored perfectly for you. With each step from concept through installation, you’ll be sure that the perfect design solution awaits within your living space.

Cabinet Refinishing

Our refinishing & refacing services are the perfect way to give your home a much-needed facelift. Our expert cabinet makers can revitalize tired, old ones into something you’ll be proud of. We offer a variety of  finishes and colors. With refinishing & refacing, you can have new cabinets without having to go through the hassle and expense of buying and installing all new ones. Let us help you reimagine your space with refinishing & refacing today!

Cabinet Painting

Bring new life to your kitchen with our painting services! Our professional painters will create a beautiful, long-lasting finish that revives the natural beauty of wood. You can choose from any color in the spectrum and have it applied quickly and affordably – transforming your space without needing a full remodel. With us on hand, you’ll be amazed at how different (and better) the room looks after we’re finished!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do new kitchen cabinets cost?

Cabinetry is an investment that can truly enhance the look of your kitchen. However, like any home improvement project you take on, it comes with cost considerations – and costs in Rochester vary greatly depending on size & desired materials. On average one may expect to pay anywhere from $3,700-13,200; yet keep in mind customizing components or bulk ordering could either increase or lower this price tag respectively! 

How much value do new kitchen cabinets add to a home in Rochester New York?

According to a study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), kitchen remodels, including new cabinets, can add significant value to a home. On average, a kitchen remodel can recoup about 60-120% of the project cost upon resale of the property. Additionally, a study by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) found that new kitchen cabinets can add an average of 80% return on investment (ROI) upon resale of the property.

It is clear that the value of new cupboards can significantly benefit a home, but how much depends on various factors. Quality and craftsmanship are essential for enhancing appeal, as well as design features to ensure optimal functionality. Meanwhile, market conditions also influence added worth–so it’s important to consider all these variables in Rochester.

How long does it take to get and install new kitchen cabinets?

The planning and installation process can take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks. This timeline includes considerations for initial consultations, design details such as size and layout of the room, customized elements desired by homeowners. ***Please keep in mind supply chain disruptions can delay timeframes in some instances.***

Every Budget & Lifestyle

Cabinets are an integral part of the modern homeowner experience. Today’s kitchens have evolved to include a variety of features for convenience, such as hidden pantry doors, bigger and longer drawers for cookware, shelves that pull out and spice racks that allow easier access without bending over too much, sponge trays affixed in sink cabinet fronts and efficient storage solutions like corner cabinets with lazy susans or vertical dividers perfect for cookie sheets. Closing mechanisms now also offer soft close or positive closure options ensuring doors shut quietly – even if only partially pushed!

Today is the day to take your  vision into reality! We have just the solution for you, offering a variety of options from customized products and cost-saving upgrades. Our services cover whatever budget or project scale that fits best with both you and your family – all without breaking the bank.

Let’s start now on transforming this important space in your home!

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